What is Sore Throat..?

Sore throat is the infection in the throat or swallowing caused due to viruses or bacteria . Dry throat results in exhaustion,irritable,fatigue, weakens the immune system making you easy tray for more infections.Swallowing and pain in throat,cold,high temperature, harsh voices,fever,minor headache ,flu can be the symptoms of sore throat.It is one of the most common disease .Some times it get cured without any treatment if untreated can lead to some serious problems.If it doesn’t get cured in like three days then you must have to visit a doctor ENT (Ear ,Nose ,Throat) specialist .

How do you treat a sore throat

Don’t Smoke : During smoking you take in a lot of such compounds which cause serious health problems and can damage your throat, lungs and heart badly. They are
Nicotine – Which is a well known chemical substances found in cigarettes . It is extremely habit forming and can lead to a numerous health problems, from pneumonia to more critical ailments like lung cancer and pharyngeal cancer. So Avoid smoking to cure sore throat properly.